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Every so often, we hold special camps and events that are not available regularly.  Here is the place to learn about and stay updated on these events so that you don't miss out on one of these magical occasions! 
Princess Camps
Princess and Pony Parties
   We just finished up one of our princess day camps and it was a huge success!  Because of popular demand, we hope to offer another soon so stay tuned.
Princess camps include...
♛Princess etiquette​​ lessons
♛Pictures with the princesses!
♛Tea parties
♛Face painting​
♛Archery lessons
         ...and so much more!​

   One of our favorite business associates is Charming Pony Parties!  When we get together, magic happens.
   All of the princesses and princes are reunited with their valiant steeds!  It is so much fun to see children not only get excited to see their favorite princess, but to be able to ride with them. 
  These events are not always available ​, but can be requested - they truly do bring magic to a young child's eyes!
The camps consist of three days of activities for $95.
  For more information on Charming Pony events, visit their website here!
These are only a few of the many event specials we have!  We also love partnering up with...
​                               &

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"Princess and Me" Calendar Shoots with Embree Photography!
   We've had the lovely honor of partnering up with Embree Photography to create stunning artwork - masterpieces that your child can be a part of!
   Our "Princess and Me" calendar shoot features twelve of our characters.  Each photo shoot will be represented in a month on a calendar to be published when all the shoots are completed.  
   However, we are sharing the magic with the children personally - in each shoot a child is feature​d with the princess.
  ​Will your child be one of them?

  Contact Embree Photography or Enchanted Entertainment today!
To see more of Embree Photography's work, click here!